Like many people, music has been beside me through every aspect of my life.  Whether it be a celebration, a trial of some sort, or even mourning a significant loss, there has always been an accompanying soundtrack. I have always loved music and enjoyed singing as long as I can remember. I have participated in organized choirs, small groups, performed solos, and even sung alone in the car or shower simply for my own enjoyment.

I have known about the Columbus Gay Men’s Chorus for many years and thought about joining them for a while. However, their stellar reputation often gave me pause as I was not sure that I had the talent required to perform with such accomplished singers.  Then I decided to just go for it.  Joining the Chorus is the best decision I could have made.

While I found the group to be made of very talented and accomplished singers, I also found men who shared my love of music and were very friendly and welcoming.  They accepted me for the man that I am, giving me confidence not only in my singing ability, but also in myself in general.   I discovered strong, independent men who have grown to become new friends and who have been a source of encouragement and strength through rehearsals and my first performance with the group.

As a new member, I was struck by the camaraderie, laughter, and fun that the group shared.  It is almost as though I gained 70+ brothers after my first couple of practices.  Like a family, we sing and laugh together, work very hard at rehearsals, but are also there to support each other in outside endeavors and in life in general.  I have come to learn of the considerable outreach the Chorus does to improve not only the lives of its members or the gay community, but of the entire Columbus community as a whole.

I have now survived my first show, which by most people’s account, was a challenge with singing and dancing.  (I even discovered my right from my left!)  But it was an amazing experience!  I had so much fun singing and dancing with these guys.  I would recommend this group to anyone who loves music and wants to be a part of a group of men who are changing and challenging each other and their community for the better. I have also joined Illuminati, the sacred music ensemble, and am looking forward to a new year full of song, dance, and friendship with my new found brothers.

– Greg Schafer, CGMC Member

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