As an organization, the Chorus relies on participation from its members. There are many aspects of the Chorus’s operation needing assistance. All members are asked to consider volunteering time for a committee. Committees are created by the Board of Directors. Chairpersons are typically appointed on an annual basis by the Board prior to the start of the concert season. Brief committee descriptions are described below:

  • Music Advisory Committee (MAC): Assists the Artistic Director in reviewing and suggesting future musical programming. The Artistic Director maintains final decisions on all themes and content for a show.
  • Board Development Committee: Assists the Board of Directors in the nomination process as well as working with current Board members to enhance their abilities and performance.
  • Bylaws Committee: Assists the Board of Directors in reviewing and proposing changes to the operating rules of CGMC to help the organization grow and run smoothly.
  • Concert Production Committee: Assists the Artistic Staff in designing and putting together the logistics of a concert.
  • Development and Marketing Committee: Assists in preparing donor solicitations and grant proposals as well as creating ideas to help promote CGMC, ensembles, and concerts.
  • Chorus History Committee: Assists in archiving relevant history of the Chorus.
  • GALA Committee: Assist in all logistics, coordination, financial reporting and communications surrounding annual GALA conferences and the GALA International Music Festival held every 4 years.
  • Finance Committee: Assists the Treasurer in overseeing the financial stability of CGMC. The committee also reviews, changes, and proposes guidelines to both CGMC’s budget and the Crescendo Fund.
  • Forte Committee: Assists the Executive Director in planning and executing the annual CGMC fundraising Gala.
  • Personnel Committee: Assists the Executive committee in overseeing, reviewing, and proposing changes to personnel requirements or guidelines.
  • Membership Committee: Assists in programming membership events and provides services to member needs. Each Section Leader is required to be a part of this committee.

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