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The Staff and Board of Directors of the Columbus Gay Men’s Chorus recognizes, with appreciation, the following donors for their gracious generosity. The list reflects current donors as of June 9, 2011.

Sponsor $5,000 or more

Jeffrey A. Ayres & Patrick Carmichael
In recognition of the members of Illuminati and
their mission-focused performances

Jason Bockis
With JB Media Design

Neal Hauschild & Jeff Ramm
With Nth Degree

Alan Jazak
With Formation Studio

In Memory of George R. Sanderson
by Jeff Goodwin, Mike Page, the Sanderson Family,
the Hina Family and Friends

Jeff & Jody Scheiman

The Columbus Foundation

Greater Columbus Arts Council

Level Dining Lounge

Ohio Arts Council

Wall Street Nightclub

Patron $2,400 to $4,999

Debra and Rick Bloom, In memory of our parents, Dr. and Mrs. H. F. Bloom
Paul E. Feeney
Eben and Jeanne Kent
Mitchell Mathias

Prima Dona $1,200 to $2,399

Grayson L Atha
Bob Barnes and Ryan Poirier
Randy Carr CPA and Dennis Bulley
Edward and Karen Feeney
Robert Feiertag
In Memory of Thorne Blayne
and John Callihan
Bill Hegarty & Dan Beer
Tim Prince and Mark Holtzapple
Michael Miles
Richard E. Wheeler
Mark Wise, In remembrance of John Callihan

Conductor $600 to $1,199

James Arter
Ronald E. Betz & Michael J. Kibbey
Brad Colegate and Andrew Mitchell
Jim Colson
Mark Cooke and Scott Humphrey
Dave Corwin, To my friends past and present
Eve J. Davis
Matthew R Dyer
Howard Fradkin and Pete Kengeter
Brett Gambill
John Herron, In loving memory of Gene Townsend
Dan M. Huff & John Riddle, In Memory of Ike and Mickey
Craig S. Huffman
Bob Jackson
Chuck Johnson and Nick Scharf
Patrick Lanahan
Fred Loyd
Warren S. MacPherson and Mike Harbin, In loving memory of Donnie Sterner
Dale Masel & Roberto McClin
Steve Mattson
James A. Mitchell, DDS
Dr. Andrew Murry
Puffin West Foundation
Thomas Reeves
Patrick Roehrenbeck & Brian Boyd
Matthew Shad & Eric Soderlund
Joe Spinelli
Margarite M. Tucker & Dr. Lana J. Wall
Mark B. Wise
Greg Zanetos

Diva/Divo $120 to $599

David Adkins & Jim Bennett
Marcia A. Barck
Richard Bauer
Jack and Pamela Beeler
George and Marilyn Benua
Mike Bierschenk & Jarod Wilson
Dennis and Sharyn Blecha
David L. Bowermeister
Jeffery Chaddock & Mark Morrow
Bo Chao
Jerrie Cribb
Gregg Dodd
Matthew Dunfee
Roger D Eversole
David Goetz
Jack Gold
Wendy Goldstein
Bob Gordon & Steve Kraynak
Pride Float
Jaclyn Gulasy
Jason Guthrie and Harold Coles
Nathan Hamm
Dr. Shah Hasan & Georgia Boggs
Lowell Headley
Scott Heimlich
David Hoover
Robert E. Horvat, In memory of Larry Rutherford
Clyde C. Huffman & James L. Moore
Pat and Bill Hunter, In honor of King Avenue United Methodist Church
Vincent Jeffers & Doug Shelnutt
Amber Krill
Bill LaFayette and Ron Templin
Wayne P. Lawson and Bill Mitchell
Marjorie Lazarus
Lawrence V. Leapley
Dr. Randi Lee Love
Rob Leutz
Tim Mattson
Rob McLean
Shelley Menduni
The Merryman Family, In memory of Janet Merryman and in appreciation of Michael Miles and Jason Bockis
R.C. and Shirley Miller
Elaine Mollencopf
Max A Moore
Brad Myers & Steve Rowlands
Corey Notman
Brad Ostroff
Bill Persi and Jane Parnes
Adam Petry
Pineapple Point Guest House
Dwayne J. Price
Michael Reese
Phil Riedinger
Elaine Roberts & Erin Bartram
Jeff Schrecengost & Tom Bartolomei
Steve Shipp & Pete Trautmann
Richard Sizemore, In memory of Fred Hatfield
Dennis Smith
Jeff Smith
Judy Smith
Tom Finney and Mark Ballard
Lucille T. Tayama
Judith and Eric VanGilder
Scott and Nancy Vaughan
Bob Whitehead
Monika and Chad Williams, In memory of John Calvin Callihan – We love you!
Artie Wilson
Jarod Wilson
Kevin Zimmerman

Supernumerary $60 to $119

American Apparel
Patrick Anderson
Steven Anderson
George Ayres & Marilyn Ayres
Julie Osborn Betts
David Black
Brad Blecha and Bruce Reedy
Bill and Judy Callander
Ellen Chase
Janet Chen
Margaret Clark
In Loving Memory of Sherry Klott
Ed Clinker, In honor of CGMC singer Rick Wheeler
Priscilla Copeland & Dorothy Alexander
Chris Cornell
Neal K. Coryell
John Christopher Cox
Michael K. Deighton
Dine Originals
Rob Ellis
Arlene Feddersen
Dr. Victoria Graff, In memory of John Callihan
William and Jennifer Graff, In memory of John Callihan
Mark Hanes
Susan and John Keeny
Cari Greene and Mike Klausing
In memory of John Callihan
Don Knoblauch
Randy Kuklinski
Lyman Leathers
Linda and John Middelberg
Pamela Maggied, In memory of John Callihan
Emily Redington Modak
Daniel Nash
David Pitzer, In memory of Doug Overocker & Bill Howe
Scott A. Prenger, MD
Matt Primmer & Ed Stofcheck, Jr., In memory: Rev. Ted Blumenstein,
Sherry Klott, & Pat Foigt
CJ and Diane Sprague
Verdene Thompson
David J. Tyhosky, Remembering chorus brothers Donnie Sterner and John Callihan
Tim Valentine
Michael W. Weber II
James Williams, In loving memory of John Calvin Callihan
Sally A. Wood and David Long

Friend up to $59

Dennis Anderson & Mary Ann Silagy
Mark Beach
Sharon and John Beattie
Tom Beerman
Stephan Blodgett
Ric Brandel, In memory of Jack Culberson & Robin Rakes
Anthony Briski
Norm Brown
Randall and Brianna Brown
Eugene Brundige
John Brunner
Stephanie Calondis Geiger
Sharon Cameron
Sarah Cline
Columbus Children’s Choir
Timothy Conway
Steven Cotter
David Darr
Nancy and Robert Dawson
Tom Demko
Bruce and Jacqui Denton-Stickel
Teresa Dickey
Darryl Wylie & David Dowty
Matt Dunatchik
Mark Dunaway
Emily Eby and Mark Baranoski, In memory of John Callihan
Tim and Dana Effler, In memory of John C. Callihan
Michael Erickson
Daniel Erwin, In memory of Dorothea Erwin
Mark Eversole
James Chriss Ferguson, In Memory of the Past and in Honor of the Future
James and Mary Fewlass, In memory of John Callihan
Michelle and Michael Francisco
Ron Fridley
David Goetz
Carol S. Greene
Harry J. Grimm
Christopher John Herrick
Hayden Hill
Cory Hinkle
Gary Hummel
Greg Humphrey
Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse
Kristina Isabelle
Ryan Jones
John Kalis
Artie Kaufmann
Robert Kay
John and Susan Keeny
Kristina Isabelle Dance Company
Stephen R. Bethel & Mark A. Lankford
Cristopher Lasater, In memory of Michael Stutzman
Maureen Latanick
Chad Long and Tony Bledsoe
John Luidhardt
Sandy Mathias
Mark Matson and Chris Stringer
Terry McCabe
Joanne McHugh
Phillip and Joyce McKitrick
Linda K. Meadows
Esther Miller
Matthew Miller
North Market
Aaron Oates
Larry Paynter
Erin Phelan
Eligio (Tito) Ramirez III, In honor of Eligio and Nellie Ramirez
Jane Reisman & John Reisman, In memory of Max Gregory
Richard and Judith Reuning
Rich Roby
David Roduner, In memory of John Callihan
Randy Dwayne Rosner
Daniel and Denise Russell
Tim Sarsany, In honor of my parents, Paul and Sandy Sarsany
Dr. David Schmader
Susan Specht
Shane Sprankel
Austin King Stumpp, In memory of James L. Arter, father of Jim Arter
James Svagerko
Alice Sweeley
Michael Titschinger
Matthew Ryan Warner
Jayne Wenner
Steve Wild & Richard Cybulski, In memory of Lloyd & Barbara Wild and Christopher Cybulski
Elizabeth Williamson
Benjamin Wright