Why We Sing

The Columbus Gay Men’s Chorus is a volunteer choral ensemble consisting of singers who are at least 18 years of age. Singers can be gay or straight, male or female, but female singers must be able to sing a male vocal part. Singers of all backgrounds and ethnicities are sought and welcomed.

Rehearsals and Performances 

As a performing arts group, the Columbus Gay Men’s Chorus strives to enrich and to entertain its audiences through varied concerts and other performances comprising a range of vocal, musical, theatrical, and dance presentations. CGMC gives three or more performances of three different concert cycles (December, March, and June) as part of its annual subscription series. December’s concert is a “stand-and-sing” performance, whereas the March and June shows typical include choreography. The chorus is also occasionally invited to make additional appearances at special events from time to time.

Rehearsals are held on Sunday evenings from 6 to 9 pm in the Galbreath Pavilion in the basement of the Ohio Theatre in downtown Columbus. Some rehearsals during production shows that contain choreography extend to 9:30 pm. Some Sunday rehearsals are rescheduled for the following Monday during holiday weekends (Martin Luther King, Easter, Memorial Day). Dress and technical rehearsals are scheduled during show week leading up to weekend performances. Additional rehearsals are scheduled occasionally as needed. Full rehearsal schedules are distributed well in advance of the season.

Membership Standards

The Columbus Gay Men’s Chorus is dedicated to providing its audiences with high-quality performances of men’s choral music, while maintaining an atmosphere of camaraderie, support and respect for its members.

Although CGMC seeks trained singers and musicians with a background in choral singing and the ability to read music, singers with less experience are also sought and welcomed. Members are expected to work on continual improvement and to exhibit a willingness to work to the highest standard. Additionally, members must be willing to work on music outside of rehearsal and to perform it from memory, when required.

Members do not pay dues; however, they are responsible for purchasing/providing their own concert attire (tuxedo, or other costuming/attire as appropriate).

Singers are required to be at all tech week rehearsals and concerts.

Singers are allowed to miss a maximum of three weekly rehearsals prior to show week.


CGMC is considered a non-auditioned chorus because the audition process is informal and mostly conducted to place the singer in the appropriate voice part/section. Voice placements for CGMC are intended to be a low-stress experience. Typically, the Artistic Director asks the auditionee to perform a few basic musical exercises to test vocal range, vocal memory, and sight reading ability. No prepared music or choreography is required.

During your voice placement, you will need to demonstrate the following to the Artistic Director :

• A pleasant, healthy vocal sound
• A  sense of pitch and rhythm
• The ability to blend with other voices and follow direction
• The ability to learn music relatively quickly through rehearsal, rehearsal tracks, and other means as provided

Prior to auditioning for voice placement, singers interested in joining the chorus are advised to go to our YouTube page and watch videos from our various concerts to see our diversity in programming, musical styles, and presentations.

Email Membership Chair Doug Althauser to schedule an audition.

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Solo opportunities

For each concert, there are typically opportunities for solos. During rehearsal, the Artistic Director will announce the time and place for solo auditions. Any singing member of the Chorus may try out for solos.