CGMC’s Illuminati – Changing Lives!

October 1, 2012 Dear Friends, I was present yesterday at the Orchard Hill United Church of Christ, Chillicothe. The Illuminati was present and did so much to enrich the celebration of this open and Affirming Congregation. Your mission of voices raised and lives changed was fulfilled. While I appreciated the Columbus Gay Men’s Chorus for

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Why I sing? – by Rob McLean

Why I Sing? During a focus group at a Columbus Gay Men’s Chorus membership retreat a while back, I talked about how important being a member of the chorus is to me. Now, over three years later, I’ve been asked by another member, who had attended that focus group, to repeat some of what I

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CGMC equals Family

July 1, 2012 To Whom It May Concern, Please accept this meager donation.  My son, who is 25, just “came out” about a year ago. Although, I had always suspected, it is a joy to see him being his true self! I must admit, I was shocked for about a minute, Ha!, and thought of

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“Chet Ridenour – An Ally’s Win-Win Perspective”

“Chet Ridenour – An Ally’s Win-Win Perspective” My brother, sister and I grew up playing piano through high school as my mother kept alive the family tradition that her mother had instilled in her. Through the trials and tribulations of teenage love and heartache, I started putting pen to paper and singing original lyrics to

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Greg Schafer – A First Year Experience

Like many people, music has been beside me through every aspect of my life.  Whether it be a celebration, a trial of some sort, or even mourning a significant loss, there has always been an accompanying soundtrack. I have always loved music and enjoyed singing as long as I can remember. I have participated in

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