Golden Pump Award

This award is presented after each concert cycle by the Membership Director to a member who it is considered to have gone above and beyond the call of duty for the current concert. View Past Winners

Chorus Girl of the Year Award

This award is presented annually by the Membership Director to the member who has given freely to the organization without desire for praise or reward throughout the course of the year. This individual is one who best exemplifies the spirit of camaraderie and helps to cement the cohesiveness of CGMC. View Past Winners

Fertig-Callihan Memorial Award

This award is made through nominations by the members and selected by the Membership Committee. The award is presented to an individual who is felt to best embody the mission and vision of CGMC; Someone who breathes renewed life into CGMC through one’s love of the organization, one’s willingness to perform nearly any task, one’s display of respect for our fellow members and one’s willingness to extend the hand of camaraderie. View Past Winners

Circle of Distinction Award

This award is presented intermittently by a select committee of past recipients and is given to ndividuals who have demonstrated strong and distinctive commitment to the organization. Various criteria are used to determine recipients, but in all cases, the individual will have contributed to CGMC overtime in a myriad of ways, musically and otherwise, thus proving to be a steadfast and stalwart member of the organization. View Past Winners

President’s Award

This award is given by the President of the Board of Directors to a Board member who is considered to have served the Board and the Chorus with singular and extraordinary effectiveness and commitment. View Past Winners

Forte Award

This award is given at the CGMC fundraising event, Forte, by the Forte Planning Committee. It recognizes and celebrates someone from the central Ohio community who embodies the Chorus’ vision and mission, and whose accomplishments enrich both the arts and social justice. View Past Winners